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Partners in Peace offers mediation and restorative conferencing facilitation steeped in moral principles.

Our principal purpose is to provide an alternative framework for remedying and dealing with disputes and unsettled issues.  This process is accomplished by inspiring its participants to gain a mutual resolution by using their own strength and courage to recognize not only what is right, but what is best for a given situation. 

This framework is also open for one-on-one conferencing.  It is both confidential and voluntary. Participants have the power to decide their own resolution by using a unique format and trained facilitators to offer options for evaluation to assist in reaching a mutual resolution.  We believe by inspiring people to use their innate power and ability to solve their own issues, when possible, will help them to become more self-reliant. 

 Participants are encouraged to recognize that perceptions are real and often painful, but not necessarily factual.  However, we honor mutual respect for the beliefs of others.


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  Partners in Peace
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