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by Edna Fenceroy on 09/10/19

Tips for Transformative Leadership

  1. Develop a process that is in line with God's purpose for your life.

  2. Develop a process that compliments where you are at this time.

  3. Keep in mind where God has placed you and for what purpose.

  4. Make plans that align with the abilities of your team and purpose.

  5. Your process will seek to accommodate the people you are leading.

  6. Think about what do the people need that you are leading.

  7. How do you include them in accomplishing your master plan.

  8. Know the power of adequate staffing, placing the best people in positions best suited for them.

  9. Know how to compartmentalize using key people in key leadership positions . Keep in mind, “Key people” means people who are willing to be guided by the Spirit and recognize their spiritual gifts.

  10. Develop a plan that creates a trusting environment.

  11. Keep in mind, the leader sets the tone for the team.

  12. Create an environment where team members are willing to help each other to succeed.

  13. A transformative leader will tap into the resources of his team members.

  14. Make your team members feel valued.

  15. Create an environment where team members enjoy coming to serve.

  16. Leave no room for cliques, bullying, dishonesty, and verify hearsay before acting.

  17. Look for useful creative ways to reward, recognize and encourage your team members.

  18. Show concern for family members.

  19. Brainstorm for fresh ideas for and with team members

  20. Practice showing grace for all members.

  21. Set a clear vision that is consistent with God's purpose in your service.

  22. Seek to know and use the strengths of your team members.

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