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Inspiring Others to Inspire Others

This blog is dedicated to sharing information and opinions that might be useful in our daily lives. We welcome open and honest comments, and encourage you to read our communication agreement via our web site, We invite you to share from your own hearts and experiences. We will allow for the opinions of others; allowing for the opinions of others does not give our consent or approval, it offers an opportunity for our voices to be heard. 

We trust that through our experiential dialogues, participants will be able to find some comfort with their own challenges by understanding that we all have our individual perceptions that may not be consistent with others. It is helpful to recognize that perceptions are real to the person holding them but may not always be factual . We look forward to hearing about your personal experiences and perceptions for the purpose of sharing or discussion.  If allowed, this blog will transform our thoughts and attitudes.

Send us your questions and comments to resolve issues together.
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