Inspiring Others to Inspire Others

Having Hope in Darkness

About Us:  Partners In Peace, LLC

Edna Fenceroy, Director
Author of: Minimizing Conflict through Restorative Conferencing

Inspired by our Mission we aim to:

* Increase community awareness of our programs
   and services.

* Help people to understand that conflict can present opportunities to enhance personal growth and  to help others grow.

* Inspire participants to live in harmony with each  others by replacing negative attitudes with appropriate behavior.

* Encourage people to treat others as they wish to
   be treated even when their opinions are not consistent with our own.

* Train  in facilitating the dispute process and public        discussions.

*  Help identify community needs and seek restorative solutions.
*  Provide training to private and public             
    organizations including churches, schools and  
    families by partnering with like-minded services.

 *  Inspire others to inspire others.

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Partners in Peace
Inspiring Others to Inspire Others